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Adoption Process


Thoroughbreds are known and loved around the globe for their agility, quick wit, stamina, and versatility. While often best known as racehorses, thoroughbreds shine in many other disciplines from dressage,  jumping, to trail riding. While not the horse for everyone, when matched with their right person they make incredible partners.

The initial part of the adoption process entails sharing information about what you are looking for in a horse along with your expectations and plans as a rider and horse owner. After careful and honest review of your needs and abilities both as a rider and horse owner, it's time to review the one year contract. Once the above has been done, an ADOPTION APPLICATION can be completed (this is sent via email once correspondence has begun) and submitted for review. Once (tentatively approved subject to viewing and references follow-up), it may be time to schedule an in-person meeting with a Wild Hearts horse, where you will have the opportunity to handle, view the horse under saddle, and ride the horse yourself.  Wild Hearts always encourages multiple visits prior to finalizing any adoption. 

As an ADOPTION SOCIETY, Wild Hearts does not SELL horses, but instead is dedicated to matching the right human to the right horse. As a result, there is no "sales pressure". Wild Hearts will always be open, honest and forthcoming about any known limitations and will not adopt a horse out to a home that has expectations beyond a given horses best interests and abilities.

Once a mutually agreed upon match between adopter and horse has been made, applicant completes the ADOPTION CONTRACT including 3 equine related references. Contract is submitted to and reviewed by the Board of Directors for final approval.

Upon final approval and dually completed ADOPTION CONTRACT, along with submission of the adoption fee, arrangements for pickup of the horse will be made within listed period of time.

Upon successful completion of the contract's one-year term, the adopter becomes the full owner of the horse! Wild Hearts is also there to provide guidance during this first year and beyond!

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