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My Man Stan "Stanley"

Lifetime starts: 6
Earning: $3,746
Adoption fee: $2,500

"Stanley" is a real show stopper! He is looking for someone who can provide him turnout, a friend, and constant forage. He is more of a GO than WHOA guy and thrives under a confident and experience partner. He is quick witted and likes to get the job done! He is now standing quietly at the mounting block, is working on his ground manners, and is w/t under saddle. He is also learning how to lunge and is picking it up quickly. He shows up very differently depending on his handler/rider, so he will be approved/best suited to someone with experience with green horses and off the track thoroughbreds. He is still incredibly young at just 3 years old, so he has lots of growing (both physically and life experience-wise) to do.

He retired after just 6 starts due to a knee chip, which has been evaluated by both his vet while at the track, and the Wild Hearts vet, and it has been decided that it should not prohibit him from most endeavors. That being said, for his best interest, we believe he would live and happily function the longest with up to a mid-level career (flat work, dressage, trails, mid level hunter/jumper, etc.). In our experience it is important to note (especially in growing horses), that chips may need to be x-rayed again to know if/when the time comes that the horse would be more comfortable with some level of maintenance (which all depends on how hard/to what level a horse is asked to perform).

HORSE LEVELS *For more information on Horse Levels click HERE*

  • Leading and Ground Manners - Level 2 -  Stanley is now leading on a loose lead around the ranch and with a confident handler. He can still be pushy and test boundaries when leading away from what's familiar and requires a confident handler with experience with green OTTBs.

  • Grooming and Tacking - Level 3  - Stanley is still a young guy and needs more maturing and experience. He stands for grooming for the most part, but can get impatient and finds boundaries quickly so a confident handler is best. 

  • Horse Care - Level 2  - He easily goes barefoot/is comfortable barefoot during the winter, and wears basic front shoes outside of that. He maintains his weight well on our feeding program. 

  • Riding - Level 3- Stanley exhibits mild to moderate excitability under saddle and spooks occasionally. He does best under a confident, calm, light handed rider. Additional ridden comments TBD (he has been under saddle w/t) 

  • General Demeanor - Level 3 - Stanley exhibits moderate anxiety in new situations and does well with a confident handler.

  • Physical Capability - Level 4 - Stanley is still growing and is built like a mac truck! He recovered from a knee chip but has been cleared for a mid-upper level career. We always recommend annual x-rays until growth is complete to ensure things continue to heal and strengthen, and to note any future bone changes that may (down the road) require some level of maintenance. 

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