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La Belle Fleuer

TB, B, M, FOALED MARCH 20, 2017
Lifetime starts: 4
Earning: $3,568
Adoption fee: $1,500

"Miss Fleur" is an absolutely stunning, 16.2hh, big moving mare (She "floats" above the ground!). She adores being groomed and loves to just be with you. She stands quietly for grooming and at the mounting block. As a weaver, Belle is looking for a laid back, "back to roots" lifestyle, where she will live with a friend, turned out 24/7 with space to run and play. Her person is someone who enjoys the slow pace and isn't looking to compete, haul her to shows, or push an extreme agenda.

She's a horse who's done her time as a professional athlete and she's not the type who's looking for a serious job in her second life. When her 3 "Fs" (Friend, Freedom + (constant) Forage) are met, she is an absolute gem. She runs right up to you, no weaving to be seen, and she's relaxed and looking to connect. In times where she is confined to an in-and-out, stall or small paddock, she will weave non-stop and her stress is palpable. She truly is a horse where a well matched human and set-up will make ALL the difference to her well-being and life. She has so much to give for that right person. While she has clean legs, she does roar and is therefore cleared for flat work and trails and low level activities (small cross rails, cavalettis, etc.).


La Belle Fleur lives at Wild Hearts Thoroughbred Adoption Society in Princeton, BC and approved adopters can arrange in person visits by first connecting through the steps below.

*For inquiries on La Belle Fleur, please contact our friends at New Stride Thoroughbred Adoption Society via email at to initiate contact and request more information.*

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