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Whitershadeofpale (BC) *PENDING*

TB, GR/RO, C, FOALED MAY 5, 2020


Lifetime starts: 0
Earning: $0
Adoption fee: $2,500

"Greg" is a gorgeous 17hh (still growing!) grey who was in race training but never raced. Gregory, "Grey Goose", "Goose" is a (big!) in your pocket type of guy. First to the gate, loves a cuddle, and gives Ombre Rose a run for her money in that top spot of "most beautiful horse you've ever seen!". He is a head turner! Gregory was retired/never actually raced due to a tear in his superficial and deep digital flexor. We had Gregory ultrasound upon arrival, gave him 60 days of extra rest, and re-ultrasound the tendon February 14th to compare/assess, and ensure his best outcome by way of knowing what level of activity would be in his best interest. As of this writing, healing has progressed and Gregory will be looking for a non competitive, flatwork home (no jumping) as his best-suited home/human. Gregory has already begun his ground training and has successfully learned to stand quietly at the mounting block, as well as for grooming and tacking. He is still a 'toddler' so does have green moments and will only be shown to homes experienced with OTTBs and/or who are working closely with a trainer. Greg is excellent at 'coming off energy' when being led and no longer requires a chain or sedation. We will be introducing him to trot/canter in the arena now that his follow-up ultrasound has been completed. 

For more information on common injuries/prognosis, check out New Vocations "Common Injuries and Issue" HERE.

HORSE LEVELS *For more information on Horse Levels click HERE*

  • Leading and Ground Manners - 1-2 - Greg is easily led on a loose lead without rushing or pulling around the ranch. As a still young, green OTTB, he can exhibit excitedness in a new environment and will still require a confident, experienced handler in those moments.

  • Grooming and Tacking - 3 - For the most part, Greg is very relaxed to groom and exhibits no girthiness, mouthiness, etc. He DOES lose focus/get bored if not tacked with a hay bag and will want to attempt to wander off, needing to be brought back. He is quite easy to 'reset', he simply requires more time and consistency as he grows and continues to learn.

  • Horse Care - 1 - Greg goes barefoot (wears cavallos if taken on rough terrain). He has STRONG and well structured feet (a favorite of our barefoot trimmer!) He does not require any special care or maintenance at this time.

  • Riding - We will update as Greg gets more rides under his belt, having just completed his 2nd follow-up ultrasound. He has learned to stand quietly for mounting and is improving his walk/whoa off the seat/light feel. 

  • General Demeanor - 3 - While Greg is incredibly sweet, ADORES and is gentle/kind with humans, he is top dog in his paddock. He hasn't caused any injuries and backs off as soon as his buddy has retreated, but he rules the roost, is first to receive his AM/PM buckets, etc.

  • Physical Capability - 2 - If you scroll back up to 'Common Injuries and Prognosis' you can learn more about tendon tears in racehorses. Greg had a tear in his superficial and deep digital flexor acquired during training (he is unraced). His caring owners provided time off and stall rest prior to submitting him into our aftercare for ensuring he was fully/properly transitioned and could wait for his right, perfect human match to come to fruition. He has healed the tendon and has been cleared for flatwork (w/t/c) , trails, dressage, liberty, and the like. Due to the higher likelihood of reinjury *if* asked to perform more concussive movements (hunter/jumper/barrel racing/etc), he will be approved/best suited to someone looking to just have some fun or do lower level/flatwork with him. 

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