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Roaring Destiny (BC)

TB, B, G, FOALED MARCH 11, 2020
Lifetime Starts: 4
Total Earnings: $1,992
Adoption fee: $2,000

"Mr. Beauman" is the sweetest horse ("Moose" vibes for those who got to know that wonderful guy!). He is very personable, always looking to come out and hang out. He runs to you when he sees you coming with his halter! He now stands stoically at the mounting block, leads off of energy without the need to "hold" or "pull" in any way, and is W/T/C under saddle. He is looking for someone who is interested in developing a special relationship with their horse, and without big competitive goals. He thrives in turnout and with a buddy, and loves to hit the trails with a friend. Not an approved adopter? Email us to get started!

HORSE LEVELS *For more information on Horse Levels click HERE*

  • Leading and Ground Manners - Level 2 -  Mr. Beauman is led fairly easily with his current turnout buddy and on his own on a loose lead, but can sometimes get distracted and may require some redirecting by his handler. 

  • Grooming and Tacking - Level 2  - He is still a baby and learning to stand quietly for grooming. He isn't reactive in any way, he just can get distracted.

  • Horse Care - Level 2  - He easily goes barefoot/is comfortable barefoot during the winter, and wears basic front shoes outside of that. He maintains his weight well on our feeding program. 

  • Riding - Level 2- Mr. Beauman is one of the most chilled out thoroughbreds we've had the pleasure of working with (and he's still only 3!). Like any horse of that age he can become nervous when presented with new environments but relaxes quickly with an experienced handler

  • General Demeanor - Level 2 - Very level headed guy! He can show anxiety in a new environment, riding away from friends, etc. but it quite easily redirected with an experienced and confident handler.

  • Physical Capability - Level 2 - Mr. Beauman, while not currently on maintenance, will likely require light maintenance as he ages to keep him comfortably in work. He is best suited for a low level pleasure W/T/C home looking to create a special relationship, do some trails, etc. without big competitive goals.

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