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JC Cattitude (BC) Adopted!

TB, B, F, FOALED MARCH 14, 2019
Total Earnings: $14,793
Adoption fee: $2,500

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HORSE LEVELS *For more information on Horse Levels click HERE*

  • Leading and Ground Manners - Level 1 - Cattitude walks to and from her paddock with a friend, and with a plain halter and lead rope.

  • Grooming and Tacking - TBD

  • Horse Care - Level 2 - Cattitude goes barefoot and wears Cavallo boots when on rockier footing. Great, strong, well angled feet!

  • Riding - TBD

  • General Demeanor - Level 3 - Cattitude is still enjoying her letdown/transition period so more to come. However, she has been quite well mannered, and generally very agreeable. She is still a young horse, however, and can exhibit excitablity and anxiety in new situations and requires an experienced, confident handler.

  • Physical Capability - Level 5 - Cattitude will undergo her intake veterinary exam in the weeks to come, but she retired due to slowing speed score and does not have any injuries or limitations at all. She is wonderfully built/excellent confirmation and could excel to include up to a high level second career with a professional trainer to bring her along.

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