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JC Sweet Sixteen "Sweet"

*Not yet available*

TB, B, M, FOALED MARCH 16, 2015

BREED: Registered Thoroughbred
Earnings: $48,103
Lifetime Starts: 20
HEIGHT: 16hh
Adoption Fee: $2,500

'Sweet' is aptly named with her personable nature and desire to just be around you. She was a successful racehorse, retired sound to become a mama, and her owners placed her into aftercare to accommodate a peaceful transition into her next phase (finding her very own forever partner!). She will spend her first few weeks having her diet and environment transitioned before having her intake vet exam completed, and beginning groundwork and basic retraining under saddle. With an already evident 'sweet' and kind personality, zero vices, and no known limitations, this wonderful girl is going to very easily become a lucky persons whole world. 

Sweet had her initial intake exam the week of April 15th and all went well, with the exception of a bit of tightness/soreness in her back. She has some bodywork appts scheduled and a follow-up vet appt in the weeks to come. She has been sailing through her groundwork training and has already been under saddle with zero issues grooming, getting tacked up, zero cinchy-ness, and she trots along easily on a loose rein. She will continue to strengthen her ground and under saddle manners, and has already learned to stand and wait patiently at the mounting block. 

We anticipate Sweet to have zero issues as she continues to settle, get used to a new way of life and job. All veterinary records are available to pre-approved adopters, and pre-purchased exams welcome and encouraged (at adopters expense).

Interested in meeting Sweet? Email us at to request an application. In person visits are scheduled for well suited, pre-approved adopters only. Thank you for your interest.

HORSE LEVELS *For more information on Horse Levels click HERE*

  • Leading and Ground Manners - Level 2 - Sweet is generally easy to lead for an intermediate to experienced horseperson. She is not led with a chain and is sensitive, but can have moments of excitability that make her a better match for a confident handler.

  • Grooming and Tacking - Level 3 - Sweet can fidget and may require corrections/redirects during grooming/tacking. 

  • Horse Care - Level 1 - Sweet has no special needs in terms of her regular care. She goes barefoot, however, would likely require boots or fronts if in heavier work or on trails.

  • Riding - Level 3 - Sweet is a sweet but strong and sensitive mare. She is a quick study (of people as well!) and she will reflect your experience and confidence back to you (conversely, a less confident and experienced rider would likely have too much of a challenge). Would thrive with an experienced, confident rider and in an environment where she can live turned out 24/7.

  • General Demeanor - Level 3 - Sweet can exhibit anxiety in new situations and is top mare in most herd settings. She lives full time with another mare currently, however, and they two get on great! 

  • Physical Capability - Level 3-4 - Sweet has no known limitations at this time. However, we believe she would excel and be happiest in this range.

Sweet 2.jpeg
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