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Ombre' Rose (BC) *not yet available*

TB, DK B/, M, FOALED MARCH 5, 2017
Lifetime Starts: 19
Total Earnings: $35,323
Adoption fee: $2,500

Ombre Rose is a 16hh, absolutely stunning 2017 thoroughbred mare. She is a forward mover, sensitive and a fast learner. She has been learning to lead and stand at the hitching post and mounting block quietly, and is currently working on relaxing in her w/t under saddle. She is sensitive to the leg and will be looking for a home experienced with young, green horses with previous OTTB experience preferred. She has no known limitations or vices and is looking for her forever person. Not an approved adopter? Email us to get started!

HORSE LEVELS *For more information on Horse Levels click HERE*

  • Leading and Ground Manners - Level 2 -  Miss Rose is led fairly easily with her current turnout buddy and on her own on a loose lead, but can sometimes get distracted and may require some redirecting by her handler. 

  • Grooming and Tacking - Level 2  - She is a bit more on the sensitive side when it comes to grooming, but is not overly reactive about it. She prefers a light hand and a softer bristled brush. 

  • Horse Care - Level 2  - She easily goes barefoot/is comfortable barefoot during the winter, and wears basic front shoes outside of that. She maintains her weight well on our feeding program. 

  • Riding - Level 4- Rose is a very and sensitive mare. While she has become much more relaxed with each session, she will require additional time with a patient, fair and kind hand to continue to reward her relaxation and bravery. She can be excitable, "prancey", and get distracted, so having an attuned rider to bring her thoughts back will be important to her continuing to thrive in her second career.

  • General Demeanor - Level 2 - She is a kind natured horse and is quick witted and sensitive and requires handler presence (not a horse that does well with complacency). 

  • Physical Capability - Level 5 - Miss Rose has no known limitations and is extremely athletic! We could see her excelling in a mid-upper level career!

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